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The Voice of the Black Community

Funds raised to help local civil rights icon

Ann Atwater is a prominent civil rights icon who helped reduce violence and desegregate Durham Public Schools in the 1970s.

Blacks missing out on Obamacare savings

Nearly 40 percent of African-Americans and about half of whites didn't know that the Affordable Care Act can help those that need it the most.

Autism group creates ‘circle’ for young girls

Dawn Dudley’s daughter Trinity developed “normally” until she was 2 years old.

Jay Butler returns to VUU as head coach

Lester "Jay" Butler Jr., will be named the 10th men’s head coach in Virginia Union’s history at a press conference next Tuesday.


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A reminder of the rigged redistricting game

The last few weeks have made clear again what government reform advocates have said for almost 30 years in North Carolina. Politicians should not be allowed to

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March

On Oct. 16, we will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. In the subsequent two decades, black Americans have experienced great triumphs,

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Democratic Women

Andrea Harris, co-founder of the NC Institute of


Black Family Conference

Annually, Strengthening The Black Family, Inc.


Small Business Field Day

To launch National Small Business Week (May

Latest News

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Blacks missing out on Obamacare savings

WASHINGTON – Even as health care costs continue to cause concerns for the poor, nearly 40

BOOK: Fleeing war-torn Africa and returning

Greener on the Other Side By Lionel Ntasano Authoright Publishing, $18.99 PN African teenager

2015 Volkswagen Golf R

SAN DIEGO – The high-powered, low-volume 2015 Volkswagen Golf R could play a big role in